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Sign The Petition - I Oppose Common Core!

Common Core is unconstitutional - Education should be left up to the states, not the Federal government!

Common Core is a Federal takeover of the education system - Education policy standards will be created inside the beltway, by Washington bureaucrats

Common Core is bad for students - A centralized curriculum hampers students' creativity, innovation, and learning

Common Core limits the parents influence and say in their child's education - Influences and decisions will move more away from the parents and put into the hand of Beltway bureaucrats

Common Core limits the teacher's control of their class room - Rather than teachers meeting the unique needs of their classroom, they will be forced to follow Federal government standards

Common Core violates student privacy - Student data will be tracked and  will follow the students for the rest of their lives

Common Core is just another failed "one size fits all" Washington approach - When is the last time Washington did ANYTHING right?

For the reasons listed above:


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It’s an aabomination.
signed 2014-04-08 21:27:58 -0400
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Stop Common Core!
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Sign the petition ---> Stop Common Core!
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signed 2013-12-15 06:58:22 -0500
The Socialist Liberal Democrats have done enough to Destroy The United States Education System, Our Constitution, And Our American Way Of Life!!! They can take their Common Core With them On Their Way OUT!!!
@hankpannell tweeted link to this page. 2013-12-15 06:52:40 -0500
A Call to Action Opposing Common Core! Please join the Fight for AMERICA and Our EDUCATION SYSTEM!
posted about this on Facebook 2013-12-15 06:52:40 -0500
A Call to Action Opposing Common Core! Please join the Fight for AMERICA and Our EDUCATION SYSTEM!
signed 2013-12-15 06:45:05 -0500
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signed via 2013-11-20 00:58:33 -0500
Home schooling is best otion right now
signed 2013-11-19 22:42:00 -0500
signed 2013-11-17 01:08:40 -0500
Too scary. Caesar should never be trusted with our children.It reminds me of Chairman Mao, Communist Russia and Hitler.I don’t trust it at all…..PERIOD. Especially after the total incompetence Washington has been displaying these days. LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE! THEY ARE NOT LAB RATS!!Need I say anymore?
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